Last day

This is the last day of your life.

I know. Crazy, right? I know how it sounds. Normally people don’t get warnings like these. Not The last day comes and they just go on with their lives, unaware of what’s to come. Do whatever they normally do. Then poof, they’re gone, never the wiser. Maybe they know it’s going to happen a few seconds in advance. Maybe even a few minutes. But people rarely know the day. So that’s why went all of my way to be able to tell you: today’s the day. The last day of your life.

I’m not going to tell you how it happens. It wouldn’t matter. Most people would react by trying to avert it. Say I said you were going to be ran over by a car: you would lock yourself inside the house, I’m sure.

Yet it would happen. Maybe not exactly the way I described, but it would. You’d spend the last day of your life trying to avoid the unavoidable. Life has a way of making things happen, though.

So you’re going to die. Soon. Remember when I told you this was the last day of your life? It was just a couple of minutes ago. So guess what: now you have two less minutes to live. That’s how these things work.

I know you’re concerned now. You still had so much to do, you’re thinking, so much to accomplish. Plans.

That TV series you needed to catch up on Netflix. How many episodes were left? Doesn’t matter. Not enough time to watch them all.

And the books. So many books to read. It doesn’t matter, though. Your mind is going to die with you when your heart stops beating. So all that knowledge will be gone. You can still enjoy the reading, I guess. But it won’t be of much use, will it?

That awesome project you wanted to complete. It didn’t have any commercial purpose, but it would be fun to do it, you were thinking. Well, too bad, too late for that I suppose.

And the people you know. How are you going to tell all of them about your inevitable demise? Well, they’ll know soon enough anyway. Someone will find you. Your body, that is. It’s just not gonna be you anymore. Not in the normal sense, anyway. Just a sort of a symbol of what you used to look like.

Well, at least you don’t have to worry about packing, do you? This is not a trip you’ll be coming back from. You will have to leave everything behind. All your clothes. All your shoes. All your socks. Those awesome accessories, hats, flip-flops, comic books, furniture, wine bottles, framed posters, gadgets, plants. All behind. I’m sure they’ll find a new owner for all of those, though. You shouldn’t worry about that.

I mean, you shouldn’t worry about anything, really. That’s it. That’s the end.

Sure, you should probably carry on with your day. That’s what people expect of you. Make plans, even if you know you will not be able to accomplish them. Put stuff in your agenda even if it’s just a day after your calendar stops mattering. Tell people you’re going to see them tomorrow, if that makes them happy.

I mean, why do anything different? You’re going to die today. Is this anyone’s business?

That’s the spirit. So just wake up. Get out of the house, maybe. Say Hi to people and carry on. Go through the motions, so to speak. Why worry people? Why act different? People are just gonna ask what’s going on. “I read this text that said I’m going to die today”. That’s some awkward conversation.

So carry on. Just remember you’re going to die today.

And have as nice day!

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